Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Which way Nigeria?

The other day I was chatting with a friend about the Boko-Haram issues in Nigeria and at the end of the conversation he said "Join the crusade, post your selfie bringbackourgirls" 

I honestly did not know what to reply next so I kept mute. I didn't see any good in me putting up a selfie to show I was anxiously waiting and praying for the girls to be found. I had been following SKY news at work  since the abduction of the girls but at some point I was getting irritated by the way celebrities were posting up pictures of themselves with cards reading '#bringBackOurGirls'.

 I kind of got a feeling that the social media campaign was not heartfelt by many...I felt some people just posted pictures of themselves because putting up selfies/pictures saying '#bringBackOurGirls' was beginning to look like the cool thing to do.

With tears in my eyes after watching our darling Michelle Obama  give a speech addressing the issue on the abducted girls, I took my pen and wrote... 

Which way Nigeria?

Which way Nigeria?

Where are we heading?
Corruption, Greed, Hate, Tribalism, Kidnaps, terrorism  and bloodshed
This is getting so unbearable
Enough is enough!
We have suffered enough for the sins of our fathers
And like a communicable disease
The young generation is getting infected
We cannot afford to continue from where they stopped
It is high time we youths got up to re-brand our nation
We can restore our lost glory
If only Nigerian youths all over the world 
Will make efforts to represent our beloved country well
It is only a matter of time and the song we sang as kids will come to pass
"...We are the leaders of tomorrow"
I know this has taken too long to happen
But this will soon become reality
Twenty years from now
Many of these "DON" will have fallen asleep
However when they kick the bucket
Will their corrupt legacy continue?

Which way Nigeria?
It is very easy to criticise corrupt leaders
But ask yourself dear Nigerian
Are you are pillar or caterpillar in Nigeria
You who cast stones at politicians
Are you without sin?
Do you uphold the rules and laws of the land
Or do you add to the country's problems 
We complain that our police officers are corrupt
But are you quick to give out a little 'change' 
Just so you can skip the hustle and have way ?
Before critising President Jonathan for not doing his job well
Dear worker, ask yourself 
Do you really give your best at work
Or do you spend your day chatting away with colleagues or not going in to work at all?
Some teachers join in mocking the 1st lady for various blunders
But dear teacher
Are you really investing your time
Giving quality education to your students
Or do you take pleasure in abusing them 
Verbally, physically, psychologically or even sexually ?
We complain that our politicians are stealing from government's treasury
But many workers will steal money, stationaries, drugs or even food 
from their offices without blinking
Even some men of God 
who should be leading by example
Will do everything to exploit their congregation

Which way Nigeria? 
Where are we heading?
The country is bad
Nigeria is corrupt we say
But the fact remains that you and I make Nigeria
What we do as individuals will collectively affect our nation
Which way Nigeria?
What is the future of our beloved country?
At present, it looks like a dead-end
But I know  Nigeria will be great again
I know righteous, honest and competent Nigerians still exist  
I know there are great men and women
Who have not compromised yet in the land
I know our change will come
And our lost glory will be restored
I know things will change
I see a new Nigeria in the hands of God
It will however take you and I
Nigerians within the country and diaspora
To serve our fatherland with love, strength and Faith
So that together we can build a nation 
Where peace and justice shall reign


Although the issue of the unconscionable act that outraged nations for days is beginning to fade, I pray they #bringBackOurGirls safely.