Tuesday, 10 September 2013

ADULTERY "my husband had found me in another man’s bed"

I promised him it would never happen again, that actually I wasn’t the one to blame or intend on causing him this much pain, in fact he could gain the entire truth from me if he would just wait and just let me explain.

But he just kept silent, looking me dead in my eyes.  I could see him slipping away. I could see the pain as I was entranced in his gaze

As I walked down the road which lead straight to his soul 

 I came to see my name joint to the signpost of his door, what was even more was that this was my home.

Already being a home owner I had taken out a mortgage with my soul.  Unconsciously paying the price that had already been paid.

Looking through the door, I reached the area he kept for me,where he held me so close to his heart. As I peered closer I realised his soul I was a part of. . . not just occupying a space I had become his embrace then I saw our bed of grace where he knelt and prayed.

But I didn’t know this would be the day; it has been so long. He did say he was coming and I promised I would wait, but the chemical reactions which arose in my body held me captive to my lust as the hinges of my door was caked with rust and lazy and forgetful I didn’t always dust.

Back to reality

 “It was a mistake . .. I didn’t mean to its you I truly love!”

He looked at me and shock his head “Does a hand just fall into a glove?”

But it was a moment of impulse he was my only care, he needs to understand my lonely mind tempted me there

Here, please I beg for you my love.
I love you
I need you
care and adore!

But at the door I saw him, his eyes were different this time, you see this wasn’t the first time although the others had been the last.

Every time it happened he would say it was all in the past,he would carry me off the bed as tears I would shed, turning on the tap he would wash red, till I felt strong enough to stand; he always forgave me.

woman-cryingBut. . .but . . . this was the last time he said this was the end, I tried to cling to his hem but this time my tears couldn’t mend,  the unstitched seams which he had sown but I had ripped to shreds, had I actually traded my husband for perishable tears?

He looked back and said to me

“It is you I have always loved, but to present you to my father this cannot be done because my bride must be spotless, without blemish or stain and unfortunately today he called for your name but my dear time is of the essence and has begun to disappear so at this moment I don’t have time to wash you all over again, I’ve always told you to be prepared as even I didn’t know when He’d mention your name”.

And with that I couldn’t believe it all those warning were true, my husband had found me in another man’s bed and there’s nothing I can now do.

If the rapture happened 2 minutes ago would you have made it? Selah! 

'Adultery' was  beautifully written by Omoyoriola Bankole. I read it earlier on facebook and knew I had to share it with you all (Thank me later, LOL). Hope you liked it as much as I did?  Well before I leave you to carry on with today's business, it's important we remind ourselves of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  If you pay close attention to everything going on around the world and listen to the news, it should be very obvious that the end is near and Christ could return anytime from now. As Christians, we need to be sober and vigilant because the devil is actively engaged seeking whom to devour. Like me, I know many other young people out there make mistakes once a while that upset God but instead of letting such things drag you further away from God, you should ask Him for forgiveness, forsake those sins and make conscious effort to live right in accordance to God's will. We need to search our hearts daily to make sure we are in God's good books and also make conscious effort to stay away from sin and every appearance of evil. Be determined to get your relationship with God right now that you have the time, once that trumpet sounds, Christ wouldn't be able come to your rescue!May the Lord help us to live holy and remain rapturable at all times in Jesus name,Amen! Please take time out to read 1 Thessalonians 5 today, reflect on the passage and ask God to give you the grace to live holy. 

Do enjoy the rest of the day and remain blessed
With love,


  1. Anonymous9/10/2013

    Great writeup and lovely ending by you.
    May the Lord quench every appetite of sin in our lives in Jesus name

  2. Anonymous9/10/2013

    nice one Mayowa......keep it up...God bless you....Yomi (Bradford)

  3. Nice one may the good God continue to keep us on the right side IJN. Amen

  4. FlorenceO9/10/2013

    The story was very mind catching (I must say for me sha)

    Yes, it is very important to remember that Jesus is coming soon...we all need to do daily reflection because He can come anytime. Thanks for sharing hun :) God bless you and we will not miss it in Jesus name (Amen)

    1. Amen oooo... The story was indeed very mind catching, i just had to share it.


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