Monday, 8 December 2014


Hello precious one, I hope you had a nice weekend? Well I did have a lovely weekend, I attended girls brigade training with some young leaders in my team on Saturday and it was lovely seeing them talk about share the goals to influence lives positively with so much passion. Then on Sunday, I had to prepare the children for Christmas Carol... Now that was fun but hardworkkkk

I have been thinking about the dangers of prayerlessness In the bible(Luke18:1),  Jesus said "men ought always to pray, and not to faint"

Jesus knows how effective  prayer is the life of Christian and that's why He recommended it several times in the bible. Time won't permit me to dig further or write much on the importance of prayer this morning but from the bible text I shared earlier(Luke 18:1), you'll notice that prayer helps a Christian stay active, spiritually alert and in tune with God. If you don't have a consistent prayer life and you are busy running around doing church activities, you'll one day faint,get tired, bored or frustrated about your religious lifestyle. 

If you don't pray, you'll become easy prey to the devil who is actively roaming the earth seeking for whom to devour. In a world where sin and lust is actively promoted, only a consistent prayer life can keep you spiritually sane, safe and connected to God . Also apart from reading the bible, through regular communication with God(prayer), we can truly understand His will for our lives.

Finally I will leave you with Barnes' commentary Notes on Luke 18:1

"To this end means to show this. Always  means at all times. That is, we must not neglect regular stated seasons of prayer; we must seize on occasions of remarkable providences as afflictions or signal blessings to seek God in prayer; we must "always" maintain a spirit of prayer, or be in a proper frame to lift up our hearts to God for his blessing, and we must not grow weary though our prayer seems not to be answered.

Not to faint - Not to grow weary or give over. The parable is designed to teach us that, though our prayers should long appear to be unanswered, we should persevere, and not grow weary in supplication to God."

This week, make efforts to pray so you don't become easy prey for the enemies. Also remember that a week without prayer will make you weak spiritually.

Have a blessed week