Thursday, 28 February 2013

AFFLICTION by Gracefulthinking.

AFFLICTION:  a state of being in pain, grief, misery, or distress.

There have been moments when I have felt pain. My heart hurt. Uncontrollable tears fall from my eye, and an internal turmoil began.

I would battle with myself for being weak. For allowing, the pressures of my circumstance weigh me down. I would tell myself that I was stronger than this. Vulnerability, equated weakness, and I could not, would not allow the world giggle at my imperfection.

But the truth is. I wasn’t. I wasn’t even strong enough to hold back tears.

Like many of us, I used to wallow in my grief, misery and distress. I would allow the enemy make a fool of me. I would act, react, overreact, and underreact to my current state, from a heart that was consumed by disdain, unhappiness and sorrow. My mood would reflect my mood and I would be unable to shield that from my countenance.

What I was unconsciously doing here was giving too much power to that AFFLICTION.

BUT GOD…….(Halleluyah*********)

I have come to realise that as a child of the creator, external/internal factors that seek to make a mockery of the Joy, which is my strength, run the risk of being ‘taken out’ by the creator. God is in the business of ‘uprooting’.

I am daily learning to let God fight my battles for me because he already won the WAR. I have to admit, allowing a deity that is so much more beautiful, divine; awesome than my mind could ever comprehend to mitigate my misfortunes is difficult. However, as I previously mentioned, God is in the business of ‘uprooting’.

Again, like many of us, I can be adamant, headstrong, sometimes unyielding, and I would rather try and fail, fail and fail again before I ever ask anyone for help. Nevertheless, God is renewing my mind, and daily teaching me that I need to want to need him, otherwise he cannot deliver me. He bids me to come to him, because I am weary and he will give me rest. I have to obey that commandment and COME.

What are those afflictions, which continue to hurt your heart, ruin your mascara, birth more afflictions?

There is an overwhelming sense of freedom that comes with release. When you know that someone greater, bigger, stronger has got it, and you no longer have to hold it, rack your brain for a way to fix it, cry over it…

Release yourself from the shackles of affliction. Cease to grant them the power to control you…. Let God Deliver You.

Love and Light xx

P.S. Today's post was written by a sister friend of mine, Grace Nquot (You can check out her blog I could relate to every single sentence in the post because I've been there before, I know exactly how it feels to be suffering deep within when everybody thinks you are okay based on what they see but God saw me through it all.

 I don't know what kind of pain, distress, misery or trial you are currently going through LThe good news I know is that God is able and willing to see you through it all only if you will just cast all your cares upon him. Remember the bible says in Psalms 34:19 "Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all.”  God will surely deliver you so keep trusting! Hold on and be strong JJJ All will be well JJJ

Need something else to cheer you up? Check out this video on youtube

Have a fabulous weekend
With Love,

Monday, 25 February 2013


 Dear Lord,

 I really want to thank you for everything you've been doing in my life. I thank you specially for all the guys that came into my life and disappeared without an explanation.  I  thank you because even though I don't think some of those experience were so good, I know all things are working  together for my good and you are preparing me for the greater things ahead.

My Precious Daddy, you know I'm such a hopeless romantic and I know you know me more than I know myself but you said I should ask, so I'm asking today.  I know I haven't spoken to you about my love life in a while so I thought I took time out to do so today. In this little head of mine are stories and sermons about building a successful relationship, marriage without tears, knowing the will of God in marriage, etc. All these theories get confusing sometimes but I really don't mind you choosing Mr Right, as a matter of fact I will only go with whoever you say yes to but can I please make some requests?

Lord, I know you have all it takes to equip Mr Right with every atom of 'romanticness' ,  Father please let my finder be godly, lovely ,lively, honest, smart, sweet,caring and very very romantic. I refuse to be bored in my future marriage! I have seen so many boring and sad couples in churches, that will not be my portion in Jesus name! 

When the right time comes, let my courtship be a fairytale! I refuse to be involved in any random drama, let my Prince charming love and cherish me just like you do. God please let him be bold and man enough to stand up for me any day, anywhere and anytime!  I speak into my future and make a decree that all my in-laws, from the oldest to the youngest, would love and cherish me. My mother-in-law especially will accept me, treat me like her daughter and even love me more than her own son in Jesus name!

For the proposal, hmmmm sweet Jesus, let it be something that would be worth telling my children and their children's children! My Jehovah El-Romantique, the Lord who specialises in taking my breath away, I know what you are capable of, please equip your son, my future hubby with all he needs to sweep your darling daughter off her feet.

Let my wedding be simple yet sweet and above all let my marriage be as heaven on earth. Equip me with all I need to be a sweet wife, super mum and superb in-law! My home will be filled love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Yes! I want all the fruits of the spirit evident in my home. There will be no silly dramas, no fights, no 3rd party interference, no premature deaths, and no trouble in Jesus name!

God you know me too well, I will testify!  If you make this wish, dream and prayer come true, I surely would never stop talking about this day and your never ending faithfulness in my life. Thank you Lord because I know you will do abundantly above all I have asked or ever imagined, all these I ask through your son Jesus. Amen.

Love you so much Daddy,
your precious baby,


P.S. The bible says in John 16: 23B -24 "Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full."      Do you really spend time talking to God about every area of your life? When you do pray, how specific are your requests? Do you just say something like 'God bless me' or do you break it down and tell him exactly what you want e.g. ' God bless me with a new job, new car, new phone'?    God likes us to be specific in our prayers and He also wants us keep asking till we are satisfied J so make it a habit to talk to God about anything and everything!  

LOL! I know I can be quite random but after reading those lovely stories, I just had to talk to DADDY. iGuess God loves me just the way I am and He's never bored of my rantings. Try writing a letter to God, it can be fun! A nice way to communicate with God too J  YES I KNOW you are used to talking to God but God doesn't just have ears, He has eyes too, if you write to Him, I'm sure He'll read them ;) ;)

It's past 9pm and I'm yet to break my fast, it's food o'clock!

Catch ya later guys JJJ
Your girl,


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

May's Diaries: The journey from BabyMay to LadyMay.

 Yipeeeeee! Finally I get to start blogging. A few friends suggested this a while ago but I simply couldn't be bothered. For over a year now, I have pretty much been in my own world  jumping from one 'drama' to the other. Seriously speaking, how do atheists cope? The only thing that has kept me going is the fact that I know there is God who sees everything and makes things beautiful in his time. Trust me when I say life has been crazy and challenging but I've decided to have fun and ride however the tide.

So yes, welcome to my blog where I'll be sharing HOT gists! Lol! My stories, emotional dramas, spiritual struggles, life's challenges, health talks and the lessons God taught me during my various wilderness experiences.  I call this "The journey from BabyMay to LadyMay", you can call it "May's Diaries" if you wish but this is me, the other side of me.  

P.S.   If you are going through one challenge or the other, I just want to remind you that even though God may seem quiet, He is not dead! He is very much alive and very soon, He will make all things beautiful.  Do not give up on God yet, keep praying and  keep trusting!  "These hard times are small potatoes compared to the coming good times, the lavish celebration prepared for us." (2 Corinthians 4:17 MSG)