Monday, 8 December 2014


Hello precious one, I hope you had a nice weekend? Well I did have a lovely weekend, I attended girls brigade training with some young leaders in my team on Saturday and it was lovely seeing them talk about share the goals to influence lives positively with so much passion. Then on Sunday, I had to prepare the children for Christmas Carol... Now that was fun but hardworkkkk

I have been thinking about the dangers of prayerlessness In the bible(Luke18:1),  Jesus said "men ought always to pray, and not to faint"

Jesus knows how effective  prayer is the life of Christian and that's why He recommended it several times in the bible. Time won't permit me to dig further or write much on the importance of prayer this morning but from the bible text I shared earlier(Luke 18:1), you'll notice that prayer helps a Christian stay active, spiritually alert and in tune with God. If you don't have a consistent prayer life and you are busy running around doing church activities, you'll one day faint,get tired, bored or frustrated about your religious lifestyle. 

If you don't pray, you'll become easy prey to the devil who is actively roaming the earth seeking for whom to devour. In a world where sin and lust is actively promoted, only a consistent prayer life can keep you spiritually sane, safe and connected to God . Also apart from reading the bible, through regular communication with God(prayer), we can truly understand His will for our lives.

Finally I will leave you with Barnes' commentary Notes on Luke 18:1

"To this end means to show this. Always  means at all times. That is, we must not neglect regular stated seasons of prayer; we must seize on occasions of remarkable providences as afflictions or signal blessings to seek God in prayer; we must "always" maintain a spirit of prayer, or be in a proper frame to lift up our hearts to God for his blessing, and we must not grow weary though our prayer seems not to be answered.

Not to faint - Not to grow weary or give over. The parable is designed to teach us that, though our prayers should long appear to be unanswered, we should persevere, and not grow weary in supplication to God."

This week, make efforts to pray so you don't become easy prey for the enemies. Also remember that a week without prayer will make you weak spiritually.

Have a blessed week

Friday, 28 November 2014

He Deserves Your Thanks!

It is very easy sometimes to get so overwhelmed with life's challenges to the point that we pay little or no attention to the good things going on around us. Amidst life's daily challenges, it's very important to look inward and find reasons to be happy and thankful. No matter how bad you think your situation is, there are so many things you can thank God for. Still wondering what those things are? Let me give you some good examples (1)You have life (2) You have got eyes to read this blog post (3) You are educated enough to read this as well (4) You have a roof over your head (5) You are not on the road begging for food to eat etc. Don't we humans take things like these for granted? Look around you or better still switch on your TV and see how many people are suffering daily either as a result of war or poverty. 

My dear friends, take a moment to ponder on the goodness of God in your life...If you are thoughtful, you will be so thankful! You are not better than those lying critically ill on the hospital bed or those who cannot afford to feed but God in His infinite mercies has given you all these things you take for granted and you ought to appreciate Him for them.

As the Americans celebrate thanksgiving, a vital question keeps running through my mind "What am I thankful for?". I am thankful for who I am in Christ Jesus! It's amazing that God can love a naughty girl like me and then  make me righteous despite my inconsistencies. I am thankful for my family, it has not been easy for us these past years but God has been our father, our strength and shield. I am thankful for all my loved ones, cousins and friends who have been a blessing to me in many ways. I am thankful for my RCCG, PSF and GMC family, it feels good having a  Christian family who truly care about you. I am thankful for my job and amazing team, trust me when I say working with them is like working with family. I am thankful for who I am today and what I will be tomorrow because I know He who began a good work in me is able to complete it! 

Let everything that has breath, praise The Lord ! (Psalm 150:6)

Thursday, 27 November 2014

D.I.Y Christianity ! Do It Yourself!!!

"It was the work of the devil, he tempted me. Trust me I never meant to do it" . How many times have you said something closely related? I have, and I've also heard many people say stuffs like that but if we were to be honest with ourselves, we will realise that many times we lie at the devil. The devil doesnt force you to sin, he doesnt make you commit the sin either! Rather he tempts and makes sin look so good just so you can fall for it. That is why the bible says "...Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." (James 4:7). You have a responsibility to resist the devil if not he'll fulfill his 3 fold ministry in your life which is to steal, kill & destroy your future. 

Christianity is a personal thing therefore it is your responsibility to work out every inch of your salvation! Many times you ask Christians why they backslided, they tell you stuff like "My parents were not good examples" or "My church members were hypocrites" or "My Pastor was fake, he couldn't even preach the bible well" or " My youth group members didn't show me love" etc. C'mon, grow up! You can't keep blaming people for your problems or keep pointing accusing fingers at people for the sins you committed yourself . You are responsible for your actions and on judgement day God will judge you ALONE based on the work of your hands. "And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works." Revelation 20:12 

D.I.Y Christianity is the way forward dear friends!  If you keep waiting for your pastor, parents, teachers, youth leaders and friends to help you live a life pleasing unto God and to grow spiritually , you won't go as far as God wants you to. So DO IT YOURSELF,work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, get your personal relationship with God going, fight your own spiritual wars and keep serving God even when everyone around you chooses not to. Philippians 2:12 "Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling." 

Love you all with the love of God, have a blessed week and remain blessed

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Which way Nigeria?

The other day I was chatting with a friend about the Boko-Haram issues in Nigeria and at the end of the conversation he said "Join the crusade, post your selfie bringbackourgirls" 

I honestly did not know what to reply next so I kept mute. I didn't see any good in me putting up a selfie to show I was anxiously waiting and praying for the girls to be found. I had been following SKY news at work  since the abduction of the girls but at some point I was getting irritated by the way celebrities were posting up pictures of themselves with cards reading '#bringBackOurGirls'.

 I kind of got a feeling that the social media campaign was not heartfelt by many...I felt some people just posted pictures of themselves because putting up selfies/pictures saying '#bringBackOurGirls' was beginning to look like the cool thing to do.

With tears in my eyes after watching our darling Michelle Obama  give a speech addressing the issue on the abducted girls, I took my pen and wrote... 

Which way Nigeria?

Which way Nigeria?

Where are we heading?
Corruption, Greed, Hate, Tribalism, Kidnaps, terrorism  and bloodshed
This is getting so unbearable
Enough is enough!
We have suffered enough for the sins of our fathers
And like a communicable disease
The young generation is getting infected
We cannot afford to continue from where they stopped
It is high time we youths got up to re-brand our nation
We can restore our lost glory
If only Nigerian youths all over the world 
Will make efforts to represent our beloved country well
It is only a matter of time and the song we sang as kids will come to pass
"...We are the leaders of tomorrow"
I know this has taken too long to happen
But this will soon become reality
Twenty years from now
Many of these "DON" will have fallen asleep
However when they kick the bucket
Will their corrupt legacy continue?

Which way Nigeria?
It is very easy to criticise corrupt leaders
But ask yourself dear Nigerian
Are you are pillar or caterpillar in Nigeria
You who cast stones at politicians
Are you without sin?
Do you uphold the rules and laws of the land
Or do you add to the country's problems 
We complain that our police officers are corrupt
But are you quick to give out a little 'change' 
Just so you can skip the hustle and have way ?
Before critising President Jonathan for not doing his job well
Dear worker, ask yourself 
Do you really give your best at work
Or do you spend your day chatting away with colleagues or not going in to work at all?
Some teachers join in mocking the 1st lady for various blunders
But dear teacher
Are you really investing your time
Giving quality education to your students
Or do you take pleasure in abusing them 
Verbally, physically, psychologically or even sexually ?
We complain that our politicians are stealing from government's treasury
But many workers will steal money, stationaries, drugs or even food 
from their offices without blinking
Even some men of God 
who should be leading by example
Will do everything to exploit their congregation

Which way Nigeria? 
Where are we heading?
The country is bad
Nigeria is corrupt we say
But the fact remains that you and I make Nigeria
What we do as individuals will collectively affect our nation
Which way Nigeria?
What is the future of our beloved country?
At present, it looks like a dead-end
But I know  Nigeria will be great again
I know righteous, honest and competent Nigerians still exist  
I know there are great men and women
Who have not compromised yet in the land
I know our change will come
And our lost glory will be restored
I know things will change
I see a new Nigeria in the hands of God
It will however take you and I
Nigerians within the country and diaspora
To serve our fatherland with love, strength and Faith
So that together we can build a nation 
Where peace and justice shall reign


Although the issue of the unconscionable act that outraged nations for days is beginning to fade, I pray they #bringBackOurGirls safely. 

Monday, 6 January 2014

1st Thanksgiving Sunday in 2014 (Pictures)

The year has just started and I already have so many reasons to thank God...It was the 1st Thanksgiving Sunday of the year in RCCG yesterday and as usual, many people went all out to church in their traditional attire and dancing shoes to give the Lord some praiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
That  feeling of going into God's presence not to ask for anything but to give Him thanks for everything is just priceless!

I thank God for life
I thank God for my nuclear & extended family
I thank God for my good friends all over the world
I thank God for my GMC and PSFamily
I thank God  for RCCG D-Revelation family and Teens group
I thank God for friends/fans/supporters of 'LadyMay'
I thank God for the '90days New Testament Challenge' Initiative.... It's only day 5 but testimonies have been WOW! I've learnt so much  from the book of Matthew these past days from quiet time & discussion with friends who took on the challenge than I have ever done since I dedicated my life to God. It's been amazing and only God deserves all the glory. ( You  join the 90 days challenge too, just click on the link to  find out more about it


By the way I can't stop singing TY Bello's GreenLand...and NO! It's not because of the green attire.
That song is just so deep...Here is the bit of the lyrics that has been ministering to me lately.

"Standing in the rain as the clouds go grey
The thunder roars and the earth sings
The season's just beginning
The sunlight it hides as the clouds make way
For the pouring of my blessings
I will not be afraid 

I see it now, I understand, I know
So I embrace it
Dance in the rain it's for my seeds to grow
For every prayer and every seed I've sown
The Lord of the harvest knows
I'm reaping back a hundred fold 

 I thought it was over
Thought you were done with me
But we're just beginning oh my life is a journey
I will walk with you
I will go where you want me to
Yes I will go 

The land is green - it's green oh oh
The land is green - it's green
Can't you see?
The harvest is ready cos He told me so
It's green and it's all mine
Isn't it so prophetic? It is my prayer that this year, for every prayer and seed you sow, you'll reap back in 100 fold in Jesus name. You'll will experience overflowing blessings in every area of your life and have more than enough reasons to thank God this year in Jesus name. Amen.

Have a blessed week

Friday, 3 January 2014

The 90 days New Testament Challenge DAY 1 summary.

Today is the 1st day of the 90 days Bible Challenge with 'LadyMay & Friends". We read from the book of Matthew, chapters 1,2 & 3. Trust me when I say I've had so much fun studying God's word  today.

 Below is a summary of my personal study  and interesting contributions from friends all over the world. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ask questions either on this blog or on the 90 days Bible Challenge event page on facebook (Here is the link:

 Matthew  Chapter 1

I don’t know about you but genealogies are not my favourite things to read in the bible. For many years I used to skip them simply because I didn’t understand how things like “Salmon begat Boaz” could add anything meaningful to my life. Let’s just say all those years I was only reading the bible not actually studying the word in depth.

Thank God for the 90days challenge, we are going to dig deep into the word!  While I was doing my quiet time today, I took time to look at the different names mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus.  Jesus’ ancestors as listed in this passage where from different nations, they had different  experiences with God…some were well known for good things, some were known for bad things while some were not even known for anything at all. This makes clear that if God could use all kinds of people in bringing Jesus to the world, He can use you and I for great things in our world today if only we have faith in Him.

I also noticed that even though Matthew was tracing Jesus’ paternal lineage, he included a few ‘interesting’ women e.g. Tamar, Ruth, Bathsheba and Rehab. Now if you know anything about some of these women, this genealogy account should make you think about how good, gracious, merciful and loving God is. But for God’s undeserving love and mercy towards men, how could a well known prostitute like Rehab have become one of Jesus’ ancestors?

Christ did not come from a lineage of sanctified, consecrated, 100% obedient and dedicated worshippers of God. He came from a lineage of sinners. One of his fore-fathers was an adulterer and murderer! Another one was a womaniser. Mean Manasseh and Rehab the harlot  were part of his ancestors and this makes me know that God can still use you for  His glory no matter how nasty your past it only if you let Him.

By the way, who on earth is Hezron? As far as I am concerned He was just an ordinary man, he didn’t do anything extraordinary that was recorded in the bible yet God chose this ordinary nobody to be one of Jesus’ fore-fathers.  Finally, Ruth was from an idol worshipping nation, she only knew God through her mother-in-law Naomi but because she chose to serve Naomi’s God, her life changed for good.

The take home lesson for me from this chapter is that God can use anybody for great things…No matter your history God can make a beautiful story out of your life and He’ll use you for his glory only if you let Him have His way.

Matthew  Chapter 2
Reading chapter 2 of Matthew kind of reminded me of the birth of the Royal Prince George Alexander Louis of  United Kingdom. I remember when his mum went into labour and the nation almost stood at a standstill, the hospital was surrounded with pressmen, paparazzi and well wishers…People were out excited, waiting to receive the little prince but this wasn’t the same for the King of kings. There was no town-crier present to announce his birth, no multitude of well wishers, just a wicked king who sought to kill him and the wisemen who travelled from far to come worship him. (Till date many people are still paying more attention to earthly things and they are not sensitive to spiritual things)

As soon as the wisemen saw the star in the east, they recognised that a king had been born and  immediately they made their way to Bethelem to come worship Jesus. Nobody had to force them, they just knew what was right to do!

I think they were called ‘wise’ men for many reasons but one of the reasons that stood out to me today is that even though when they got to Bethlehem,  they saw the ‘King’ they had travelled all the way to see  lying in a degrading manger,  they recognised Jesus as King and still worshipped Him without being told or forced.

We all know the opposite of wise is foolish and the bible says it’s only a fool that will say there is no God. I personally believe it’s a bigger fool that will accept that there is a God somewhere but still choose to live and act like God doesn’t exist.  The wisemen were indeed wise! They recognised a king had been born but didn’t stop at that, they travelled all the way to worship Him with their gifts.

Lesson for we Christians:

It is not enough to have the knowledge of Christ, even the devil knows  Christ. We should learn from the wisemen by worshipping God with all we have. We shouldn’t be forced to serve God, serving God should be something we do voluntarily and happily even when it costs us.

Also when you hear the name ‘Jesus’ what comes to your mind?  Many people saw Jesus when he was a baby, many watched him grow up  and many heard so much about him but only a few recognised him as the Messiah/King of Kings/ saviour of the world.

Who is Jesus to you? Have you honestly had a personal encounter with Jesus? If yes, I congratulate you but if  you haven’t had an encounter with him yet, I challenge you to seek him genuinely over the next 89days and see what happens next.

“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”- God (Jer 29:13)

Another lesson to learn from Matthew 2:1-21 is that God speaks! God isn't just some big creature chilling  in a cosy corner in heaven, He is a loving father and He cares so much about us. God is interested in making sure we are fine, safe and secure at all times. Like every loving father, God loves to communicate with His children.

If you are a true child of God, God will speak to you directly! Even in this present day and age, God still has direct conversations with His people (and NO! They are not the extra-special or weird christians, they are normal people like us). God  can chose to communicate with you either audibly, through a still small voice  or through dreams like he did with the wisemen and Joseph.  

As Christians we have to be sensitive...Every child of God should know how their heavenly Father communicates with them. If you are not sure about how God speaks to you, please take time out during this 90days challenge to find out.

We should also note that it is one thing for God to speak and another for us to listen. God is like a gentleman, He won't force his opinion down your throat. When God tells you to do something, He leaves you to exercise your freewill  and gives you room to choose whether to obey or not.

When God speaks to us we have to obey completely. Sometimes what God is telling us to do might not make sense but because He knows te end from the beginning, it is much better to do exactly what He says. Incomplete/Partial obedience is disobedience and all our actions have consequences. Imagine the wisemen chose to obey Herod's orders instead of obeying what God had told them in their dream...It would have been disasterous because Christ would have been killed.

As you start the year 2014 what is God saying to you? Do you know exactly what God wants you to do this year? find out directly from Him and obey completely.

Rhema from my little cousin Tobi
While studying the book of Matthew 1-3 in our 90days bible challenge group, a question was asked " WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF MATTHEW 2:12?

After so many correct answers relating to the fact that if God hadn't warned the wisemen never to return to Herod, Baby Jesus would have been killed, my little cousin  stepped in and shared something I had never seen in that passage before.

She said " The lesson to be learnt here is that you don't get to meet Jesus and go back the way you came. There has to be a change in direction and change in your life...or else what's the point?"

WoW! Rhema! I still haven't gotten over that yet because it is so so so true. What she said sums up the entire reason Christ came to the world. He brought CHANGE to the world. He changed our relationship with God and changed our status from sinner to son/daughter of God! He changed our direction and eternal destination from hell to heaven. He came to change us from being slaves to sin/satan to becoming kings and Priest reigning on earth. In Christ we are new creatures, changed, called and chosen to show forth the praises of He who called us out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Day 1   Matthew 1-3
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N.B    If for one reason or the other you skip a day, please don’t be discouraged...just try to catch up with us in your spare time. It’s much better to finish a little later than to start and not finish at all.  

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Hello everybody, Happy New Year once again J It’s my prayer that this year we'll all enjoy God’s overflowing blessings and experience growth in every areas of our lives  in Jesus name, Amen.

One of my New Year resolutions is to study the bible more than I did last year. After chatting with a few friends, I realised that like me, a lot people have made this sort of resolution in the past but failed to achieve it due to either lack of motivation, inconsistency, procrastination or pure laziness. I’ve also noticed that these days many young Christians don’t spend enough time studying the bible…Don’t get me wrong, I know they read the word but they just don’t dig dip or study it well enough.

Well this year, I’ve come up with a plan to help me and my friends study and understand God’s word better.  We’ve got a reading schedule below to help us achieve this goal so why don’t you join LadyMay and friends as we read through the entire New Testament in 90days!  Also feel free to share your thoughts on the blog or on LadyMay4real facebook Page. May God bless you abundantly as you study His word and apply it to your life this year!

Day 1   Matthew 1-3
Day 2   Matthew 4-6
Day 3   Matthew 7-9
Day 4   Matthew 10-12
 Day 5   Matthew 13-15
 Day 6   Matthew 16-18
Day 7    Matthew 19-21
Day 8    Matthew 22-24
Day 9     Matthew 25-27
Day 10   Matthew 28
 Day 11   Mark 1-3
 Day 12   Mark 4-6
 Day 13    Mark 7-9
Day 14    Mark 10-12
Day 15   Mark 13-15
Day 16    Mark 16
Day 17    Luke 1-3
Day 18   Luke 4-6
Day 19    Luke 7-9
Day 20   Luke 10-12
Day 21    Luke 13-15
Day 22   Luke 16-18
Day 23    Luke 19-21
Day 24    Luke 22-24
Day 25    John 1-3
Day 26     John 4-6
Day 27     John 7-9
Day 28     John 10-12
Day 29     John 13-15
Day 30     John 16-18
Day 31     John 19-21
Day 32     Acts 1-3
Day 33     Acts 4-6
Day 34      Acts 7-9
Day 35     Acts 10-12
Day 36      Acts 13-15
 Day 37     Acts 16-18
Day 38      Acts 19-21
 Day 39     Acts 22-24
 Day 40     Acts 25-27
 Day 41      Acts 28
 Day 42     Romans 1-3
 Day 43    Romans 4-6
Day 44    Romans 7-9
 Day 45    Romans 10-12
 Day 46    Romans 13-15
 Day 47    Romans 16
Day 48    I Corinthians 1-3
Day 49    I Corinthians 4-6
Day 50    I Corinthians 7-9
 Day 51   I Corinthians 10-12
Day 52    I Corinthians 13-15
Day 53    I Corinthians 16
Day 54    2 Corinthians 1-3
Day 55    2 Corinthians 4-6
 Day 56    2 Corinthians 7-9
 Day 57    2 Corinthians 10-12
 Day 58   2 Corinthians 13
 Day 59    Galatians 1-3
 Day 60    Galatians 4-6
Day 61     Ephesians 1-3
 Day 62     Ephesians 4-6
 Day 63    Philippians 1-3
Day 64     Philippians 4 - Colossians 2
Day 65    Colossians 3 - 1Thessalonians 1
Day 66    1 Thessalonians 2-5
Day 67    2 Thessalonians 1-3
Day 68    1 Timothy 1-3
Day 69    1 Timothy 4-6
 Day 70   2 Timothy 1-4
 Day 71   Titus 1-3
 Day 72   Philemon - Hebrews 1
Day 73    Hebrews 2-4
Day 74     Hebrews 5-7
Day 75     Hebrews 8-10
 Day 76    Hebrews 11-13
 Day 77     James 1-3
Day 78      James 4 - 1 Peter 1
Day 79      1 Peter 2-5
Day 80      2 Peter 1-3
 Day 81     1 John 1-3
Day 82      1 John 4-5
 Day 83      2 John - 3 John, Jude
Day 84       Revelation 1-3
Day 85        Revelation 4-6
Day 86        Revelation 7-9
Day 87        Revelation 10-12
 Day 88       Revelation 13-15
 Day 89        Revelation 16-18

Day 90         Revelation 19-22
Yes We Can!!!! by monique.huismans.9

N.B    If for one reason or the other you skip a day, please don’t be discouraged...just try to catch up with us in your spare time. It’s much better to finish a little later than to start and not finish at all.