Monday, 6 January 2014

1st Thanksgiving Sunday in 2014 (Pictures)

The year has just started and I already have so many reasons to thank God...It was the 1st Thanksgiving Sunday of the year in RCCG yesterday and as usual, many people went all out to church in their traditional attire and dancing shoes to give the Lord some praiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
That  feeling of going into God's presence not to ask for anything but to give Him thanks for everything is just priceless!

I thank God for life
I thank God for my nuclear & extended family
I thank God for my good friends all over the world
I thank God for my GMC and PSFamily
I thank God  for RCCG D-Revelation family and Teens group
I thank God for friends/fans/supporters of 'LadyMay'
I thank God for the '90days New Testament Challenge' Initiative.... It's only day 5 but testimonies have been WOW! I've learnt so much  from the book of Matthew these past days from quiet time & discussion with friends who took on the challenge than I have ever done since I dedicated my life to God. It's been amazing and only God deserves all the glory. ( You  join the 90 days challenge too, just click on the link to  find out more about it


By the way I can't stop singing TY Bello's GreenLand...and NO! It's not because of the green attire.
That song is just so deep...Here is the bit of the lyrics that has been ministering to me lately.

"Standing in the rain as the clouds go grey
The thunder roars and the earth sings
The season's just beginning
The sunlight it hides as the clouds make way
For the pouring of my blessings
I will not be afraid 

I see it now, I understand, I know
So I embrace it
Dance in the rain it's for my seeds to grow
For every prayer and every seed I've sown
The Lord of the harvest knows
I'm reaping back a hundred fold 

 I thought it was over
Thought you were done with me
But we're just beginning oh my life is a journey
I will walk with you
I will go where you want me to
Yes I will go 

The land is green - it's green oh oh
The land is green - it's green
Can't you see?
The harvest is ready cos He told me so
It's green and it's all mine
Isn't it so prophetic? It is my prayer that this year, for every prayer and seed you sow, you'll reap back in 100 fold in Jesus name. You'll will experience overflowing blessings in every area of your life and have more than enough reasons to thank God this year in Jesus name. Amen.

Have a blessed week


  1. Hehehe, native cloth
    See as my people dey look fresh, God is good!
    We have so many many reasons to praise the Lord

    LadyMay, looking radiant and reflecting God's glory as always. Good job hun, more inspiration and more blog posts in 2014 #Smiles
    Well done, God is your strength in Jesus name

  2. Faith Okeke1/08/2014

    African beauties. Kudos Mayor darling, good job! Praising God with the African attire alwyz feels wonderful. More grace to u dear #hugs#


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