Sunday, 1 September 2013

This week on "FASHION AS GOD WANTS IT" featuring Joanna

Happy Sunday and happy new month precious people, hope you had a wonderful church service? I did! It was Thanksgiving Sunday in our church today, so after the message, we spent extra time singing, dancing and thanking God for all He has been doing in our lives. Teens class really rocked today, I learnt so much from the teenagers, I probably would be doing a post about that during the week but trust me when I say it was fun!!! You needed to have been there.

This week on FASHION AS GOD WANTS IT, I present to you my darling angels "Joanna & Friends".  After Teens class, we decided to do a mini photo shoot...LOL!

Enjoy and pick up tips on how to tie your scarf to church next Sunday

Joanna in regular maxi skirt and top. Very simple outfit but looks lovely

who isn't head over heels in love with good shoes? Love these cuties but unfortunately i'm not allowed to buy any new shoes till further notice. ORDERS from above*sobs sobs*
BabyDee in lemon dress and lilac sandals, loving the colour block

Do you think hair covering (especially to church) is boring and old fashioned?  Learn from D-Rev teens, be creative with your scarfs :)

Do you have church swag?
Would you like to encourage young girls out there to dress decently?
To look godly but yet gorgeous?
If yes, please be a part of my new pet project "Fashion as God Wants it"
Simply send nice pictures of you wearing either a dress/gown,Skirt suit,Skirt 'n'Top or Traditional attire to

Yipee, I feel so excited! Keep the pictures coming!!!

Do enjoy the rest of the week and remember to stay godly and gorgeous
with loads of love,


  1. Anonymous9/02/2013

    Ku ise

  2. This is really good LadyMay! Joanna is rocking those shoes it. Those 'swag' scarf tying though...nice nice. I will try it someday :)

    1. Thanks Iyin, I knew you were gonna like dem shoes...we love good things lol

  3. Obaduyi Oluwagbemiga9/03/2013

    I really love this style.its not a Scarf anymore,Its a BOW-SCARF...I will like to know how to make the style...Apologies to Asst H.G for not doing your assignment,its due to my UNFITNESS health wise

  4. Nice blog and wonderful articles. Welllllllllllllllll Done!


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