Friday, 27 September 2013


love your neighbor
Credit:Jason Morris

As written in Mark 12:31, Jesus said that the 2nd greatest commandment is to “Love your neighbour as yourself”… How do you show love to those around you? Do you really love those annoying, noisy, unfriendly, cheeky, homosexual or unbelieving  neighbours the way you love yourself?  I understand sometimes it's extremely difficult to keep showing love to people who care less but since God commands us to, we have to do our best to love everybody and live peaceably with them.

When all efforts to show love to your neighbours fail, try prayer! How often do you pray for your neighbours and local community? Do you know that when there is peace in your neighbourhood, you will experience peace of mind too? Do you know when your neighbours have problems it can affect you in one way or the other? Make it a habit to remember neighbours, friends and well wishers in prayers. Today is NEIGHBOUR FRIDAY so let's put what we've just learnt to practice... Oya close your eyes, let us pray

*Lord, help me to have a passion to pray for those who live on my street: to remember them in prayer and remember that You are the only real answer to the many problems my neighbours face.  Hear my prayer and transform my street!  Let crime levels fall, or remain at zero; plant hope and love in our community. 

*Are you are aware of any problem anybody in your community is currently facing , please pray about it now.

If you look around and think deep, you will always find something to pray about!  If your neighbour is not saved, pray for them to be saved! If the person is homosexual, pray for his/her salvation and deliverance! If the person is grieving, ask the Holy spirit to comfort them!  Keep showing love to your neighbours by praying for them as often as you pray for yourself.

Do have a blessed day,
with love,

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